Vermeulen Concordant Reference


Complete Classic Materia Medica



Book extract-
“The first edition of the Concordant Reference contains the classic homeopathic materia medica, complete in one volume. What is known as the classic materia medica encompasses the investigation, collection and research of homeopathic remedies from the birth of the homeopathic materia medica with Hahnemann’s proving of China in 1790 until the near cessation of work in 1930, after years of decline. During these fruitful 140 years, many well-known authors contributed important and fundamental work, establishing the foundation of the materia medica that is still pertinent today. Hundreds of provings were conducted and thousands of symptoms were gathered and edited from case reports published in contemporary medical journals. This materia medica activity had its peak between 1810 and 1880, with Hahnemann and Stapf in Germany and Hering and Lippe in the USA as the main contributors to its construction and expansion.”