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Synthesis Adonis (Update from Treasure edition)

Introducing Synthesis Adonis – the successor to Treasure Edition

ONLY buy this item if you already own Treasure Edition.

Treasure Edition WILL NOT be deleted – you can use both versions of Synthesis alongside each other.


Synthesis Adonis (Update from Treasure edition)


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Synthesis Adonis

Adonis is a major step forward, offering the fruits of over 12 years work of our team! A wealth of information has been added, many corrections have been executed and some innovative new ideas are included in this version.

  • A big effort has been made to repertorize provings, including many contemporary provings.
    • Many of these provings offer information on new substances.

  • Clinical information has been added, mainly based on the experiences of three clinical giants:
  • The repertory views have been thoroughly reviewed and completed with the new remedies and authors.
    • There are some new repertory views: “Only remedies”, “Only families”, “Only all provings”, “Only clinical verification” and “Reliable sources (T. Galic)”.
  • In all chapters, many pathological rubrics have been added, suggesting inspiration for remedies in case of a given pathology.
  • New rubrics in contemporary language have been added.
    • They suggest remedies based on recent provings and clinical experience where these words were used.
    • The goal is to bring the language of the repertory closer to the language of today’s patients, if appropriate rubrics did not yet exist.
  • To some rubrics, families-as-a-remedy have been added.
    • When looking at such a rubric, the homeopath is reminded of the remedies as well as of the families that may apply.
    • Different ways to visualize the rubric allow flexibility while working. All families end with an asterisk (e.g. solanac*), so they can be easily recognized.
  • Synthesis Adonis will be available in a human and in a veterinary version.
    • The veterinary information has been updated by Marc Bär (Switzerland) and his team and contains mostly new additions and new symptoms.
    • Veterinary concepts and tags facilitate access to what is highly relevant information for veterinarians.

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