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Research, repertorise & analyze all in one intuitive interface. 

RadarOpus is a comprehensive software solution for the professional Homeopath with a modern look and clean graphic interface, giving you quick access to everything you could ever need in a busy practice!

Our goal is to empower and inspire homeopaths by providing a suite of innovative and cutting edge tools aimed at supporting all aspects of clinical practice.

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Browse the main packages – whether you’re a beginner or experienced Homeopath, we have the right software solution for you.

Analyse using Kingdoms, Miasms & Expert Systems with the help of illustrated Maps & Modules from world renowned Homeopaths.

Supplement Synthesis with repertories from Frei, Sherr, Murphy, Mangialavori, Norland, Yakir, Dimitriadis & many Classical repertories.

Check out the vast library of  materia medica, provings, journals, therapeutics, clinical cases, dictionaries & more.

Buy a brand new package or add repertories, references & modules to RadarOpus

Software packages

Browse these different configurations for lifetime licenses - from the essential through to the advanced. You can upgrade your package at any time, and can easily add individual items too.


The core features to get you started

  • Kent, Boericke & Phatak Repertories
  • ____
  • Library 2
  • ____
  • Search, take and analyze rubrics
  • ____
  • Search and read Materia Medica
  • ____
  • Export cases to Cllificol
  • ____


Our best seller!
Perfect for students

  • In addition to ‘Core’ :
  • ____
  • Synthesis Treasure Edition
  • ____
  • Maps
  • ____
  • Library 3
  • ____
  • More advanced analysis methods
  • ____
  • Import repertory additions
  • ____
  • Export and search cases in Clificol
  • ____


The best all rounder!
Great for graduates

  • In addition to ‘Essentials’ : 
  • ____
  • More repertoriesLibrary 4
  • ____
  • Extra symptom clipboards
  • ____
  • Use Materia Medica in the Analysis
  • ____
  • Make and export your own repertory additions
  • ____
  • Open multiple search windows & show a graph of results
  • Download cases from Clificol
  • ____


The best research tool for a busy practice!

  • In addition to ‘Advanced’ : 
  • ____
  • More repertories & Library 5
  • ____
  • Professional Patient file
  • ____
  • Advanced search (also in the consultation text)
  • ____
  • Make your own additions including Source text
  • ____
  • Open multiple search windows & show graphs
  • ____
  • Seamless access to Clificol
  • ____

You can pay for your lifetime license in instalments

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Synthesis Repertory




The only software with Synthesis - the tried and trusted repertory used by thousands of professional Homeopaths...

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Synthesis App




Unleash the potential of Synthesis on your Android or Apple device! Never again be without your trusty repertory...

PC laptop Opus families




Add an extra dimension to your case-work with our modular add-ons


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Patient Management




Our patient file boasts a comprehensive feature set, including full GDPR & HIPAA compliancy down to the fine print!


What do world class Homeopaths say about us?

            It has always been my purpose to contribute as much as possible to the art and science of homeopathy. With all that I have accomplished, the Vithoulkas Expert System represents the greatest contribution that I have made to homeopathy.

George Vithoulkas

            A beginner, a professional or a homeopathic scholar will never be disappointed. I recommend this program to every practitioner who wants to have the best results in their practice.

Luc De Schepper MD

            With the most extensive library at your fingertips, numerous possibilities to fine-tune repertorisation and the implementation of the original works of all the great homeopaths it is the most complete source of information and best tool for analysing a case for any homeopath.

Anne Vervarcke

            A wonderful working and learning tool. Race around the repertory and access really useful cross-references.

Misha Norland

            A major breakthrough in repertorial software.

Farokh Master

            Indispensable as a ‘symptom cruncher’ – a versatile homoeopathic assistant.

Brian Kaplan

            RadarOpus comprises a very large information database from which the homœopath may select their own path to learning & application.

George Dimitriadis

Luke Norland

RadarOpus UK Representative

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“I couldn’t fulfil my role as a Homeopath without the daily help of RadarOpus. I hope I can share my enthusiasm for this amazing software with you, and show you how to make the most of all its functions and features.”