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The best balance of features, cost and user-friendliness- all in one intuitve interface

Reference libraries

Enjoy the vast collection of repertories, materia medica, provings, journals, therapeutics and clinical cases.


Analyse using Kingdoms, Miasms & Expert Systems with the help of illustrated Maps and Modules from renowned Homeopaths & Scholars.


Supplement Synthesis with additional repertories from Heiner Frei, Jeremy Sherr, Robin Murphy, Massimo Mangialavori, Luke Norland, Michal Yakir & more.

Patient file

Manage your patients’ details, case notes, analyses and share anonymised cases to the clificol cloud for research. Add grading, attachments and tags to symptoms.

A selection of visual maps illustrate family themes

Add new books, repertories and modules to your system-

RadarOpus & Synthesis App

For Mac & PC or Smartphone & Tablet
Research, repertorise & analyze all in one intuitive interface. 

The acclaimed homeopathy software RadarOpus contains one of the largest homeopathic reference libraries in the world. Together with the ‘Source Repertory’ Synthesis, you will be able to obtain the most reliable results in practice.

The Synthesis App can be used independently or as a companion to Opus. It includes a clipboard & analysis which you can send via email to continue working within Opus.

  • Repertories

    Choose from Synthesis, Murphy, Q Repertory, Boenninghausen, Kent, Phatak + many more.

  • Materia Medica

    Choose from Classical texts, Modern Provings, Keynotes, Philosophy, Clinical Cases + more.

  • Modules

    Choose from Vithoulkas, Herscu, Heiner Frei, Jan Scholten, Anne Vervacke.

  • Case Analysis

    Ortega Miasms, Herscu Module, VES, Small Rubrics, Small Remedies, Prominence + More.

Software Packages

Browse these different configurations for the level you require- from the essential through to the advanced.

Opus Core

The core features to get started. Kent’s Repertory + Boericke & Phatak Repertories + 21 MM library. Search, take and analyze rubrics. Search and read Materia Medica. Create & Save Patients. 1 Clipboard.

Opus Essentials

Our best seller- perfect for students. Synthesis Treasure Edition + Kent, Boericke & Phatak Repertories. Graphic Maps. 91 MM library. More advanced analysis methods. Import repertory additions. 3 Clipboards.

Opus Advanced

The best all rounder- perfect for graduates. Therapeutic Repertory Bundle + Families. 375 MM library. Create custom rubrics from MM. Make and export your own repertory additions. Open multiple search windows. Graphic Analysis. 6 Clipboards.

Opus Optimum

The best research tool – built for a busy practice. 17 Repertory Bundle + Concepts. 982 MM library. Professional Patient file – grading, tagging and uploading attachments. Invoice and email patients. Make your own additions including source text. 12 clipboards.


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