17 Classic Repertories Package

This excellent value bundle of Classic Repertories

is put together for students who want to work solely with these classical authors for a more cautious approach to prescribing. This bundle can be added to any RadarOpus package- for example, you can start with the Opus Kent package for only £150 and add this bundle for a very cost effective and complete solution for the Classical Homeopath. At RadarOpus, we strive to make the software as flexible as possible to accommodate the varied styles of different practitioner.

RadarOpus- Classic Repertories in action
17 Classic Repertories Package

  • Boger CM, Characteristics and repertory
  • Boger CM, Synoptic key of the material medica
  • Boger CM, General analysis
  • Clarke J. Clinical Repertory
  • Boericke O. Repertory
  • Phatak R. Concise Repertory
  • Roberts H. Sensations as if
  • Ward J. Sensations as if
  • Bhatia V.R.,Miniature Repertory of Remedies in Common cold
  • Choudhury, Hints for Treatment of Cancer
  • Drake O.M., Repertory of warts and condylomata
  • Foster, Toothache and its cure
  • Jefferson Guernsey, Repertory of Haemorrhoids
  • Master F.J., Hair loss
  • Pulford A. and T.D., Repertory of Pneumonia
  • Sudarshan S.R., Repertory of non malarial fevers
  • Sukumaran N., Main Symptoms of Heart Problems

Search rubrics within all classic repertories at the same time with a single click and combine rubrics from different repertories in the same analysis. You can watch this video to get the gist of using the search function in RadarOpus.
Here is a lecture on Phatak’s Repertory by Jawahar Shah.

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