Anne Vervacke- Rare Remedies for Difficult Cases


75 cases with transcripts and analyses using the sensation approach.


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Book extract-

This is one of those cases where you have an outspoken emotional problem and a clear miasm.
If we go into more details though into the emotion, in this case: fits of anger, we see that they come up when she feels limited, looked at, controlled. She reacts furiously, even to the extent that her own daughter became scared of her. This means there is a very strong trigger for her to provoke such a strong reaction. The feeling she gets when for instance her ex father-in-law wanted to ‘organize her private life’ she feels as if he jumps on her, as if he is a cat waiting for a mouse, as if she is tied in ropes. She feels she has no space, the same feeling as with the daughter when she hangs on her. Isn’t it then remarkable that, when she gets angry at her daughter, she wants to limit and paralyze her! Tell her to sit on the sofa for 10 minutes and not move!”