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More information about your RadarOpus Software License

License & Copyright protection

License & Copyright protection is through an alphanumeric Software Protection License (SPL) as standard. One SPL applies to one computer only. If you want to use your RadarOpus on more than 1 computer, you need to purchase (add) an additional SPL for each additional computer.

  • The software license is a lifetime license stored locally on your computer. 
  • It will not expire. It can be moved for free an unlimited number of times.   
  • So – when you buy a new laptop, you can move your license onto the new computer. 
  • If you need to change computers or have to send it for repairs, please contact us first so we can instruct you how to move the Software LicenseIf you do not do this, then there will be a charge to issue a new one. 


What if my computer breaks before I move the license?

We understand that bad things sometimes happen. So – If the computer is lost / stolen / breaks before you can move the license, we need to receive a police report / receipt for the new computer before we issue a free replacement license. We can only give a free replacement once, as a friendly gesture in acknowledgement that these things happen. Each license costs us money from a 3rd party company, so if it were to happen again, we would need to pass on this cost.

Software License summary

  • No shipping required = faster delivery. Your alphanumeric key is provided after your payment and order is processed.
  • Your RadarOpus License is installed and encrypted directly onto your computer’s hard drive.
  • The license can be used on only one computer.