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How to buy, install and use RadarOpus in 10 simple steps

RadarOpus has a unique modular design putting the flexibility into your hands to build the package most suited to you and your practice. Start small and build your program up as your practice grows or dive in with a more advanced package to start with. It’s up you. We have the advantage of 4 decades in the homeopathy software trade – offering many useful add-ons from respected teachers to help your practice develop and thrive.

Opus imac starter page


Putting the power in your hands with our flexible, modular approach to Homeopathy software

1. Register your details with Zeus Soft

The company who creates RadarOpus

2. Choose whether you want to rent or buy



  • Lifetime license

    Choose your package or build your own from scratch – starting with Opus Core as the foundation. Then choose which add-ons you want to include; choose from repertories, materia medica and modules.

  • Rental plan

    Once you have registered with Zeus Soft, you can choose which package you want to rent and specify the duration of your rental plan. Or you can pay for a lifetime license via a monthly direct debit payment plan. 

3. Browse the shop

If you are buying a lifetime license, you can use the online shop at this website

Click the icon to browse the shop

4. Consider your payment options

Choose whether to make a single payment or setup a payment plan to manage the cost



  • Single payment

    You will benefit from any discounts or promotions currently available for your lifetime license of RadarOpus. You will own the program outright, and never have to pay again as long as you keep your computer setup the same. More info here..

  • Payment plan

    You can pay in quarterly instalments to manage the cost of your permanent license. You pay full price, and receive a temporary activation code every 3 months, which unlocks the full suite of RadarOpus features and content. After 12 months, you will own your lifetime license.

5. Choose your Package

Add it to the Basket

6. Include additional content

Add any of the following to your Basket


Materia medica


7. Checkout securely

Add any coupons if applicable

Payment is made via Credit / Debit card

8. Install RadarOpus

Click the icon to read instructions on installing RadarOpus

9. Check your inbox

Luke will email precise instructions for how to activate your RadarOpus license

10. Use RadarOpus to solve cases!

Head to our Training Academy to learn RadarOpus

Contact Luke to arrange your FREE 60 minute tutorial