Farokh Master- Lacs In Homeopathy


“After using Lac remedies in practice for many years, I started to investigate ‘behind’ the symptoms. What did my patients who responded well to Lac remedies have in common? Could I see anything that was beyond the pure proving symptoms?”


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“The use of the first Lac remedies in homoeopathy was only by difficult labour and overcoming strong opposition. Many stalwarts of homoeopathy rejected it when Dr. Samuel Swan introduced them for the first time. The main argument of rejection was ‘that milk is a food and it does not have any influence on human body to develop any pathogenesis’.
T.F. Allen in his handbook of materia medica rejected outright many drugs because of their ‘inutility or unreliability’. In Hahnemannian Monthly, vol.x11, April, 1877, pp.479-480, Dr. Allen states ‘I herewith return the proving of the Lacs, which you so kindly loaned me. I am unable to consider them valuable or reliable… I do not believe that provings made with the exceedingly high potencies develop the peculiar action of the drug, or are reliable as guides to its administration’. Not only was Dr. Swan the target of criticism, the proving of Mure and Houatt was also rejected, this is the main reason why handbook of materia medica (T.F. Allen) does not have many useful drugs like Lac-canninum, Syphilinum, Lyssinum etc.
It was at this juncture that Dr. Swan announced his materia medica of nosodes. Dr. Swan wrote and practiced in the direction of using the dynamis of morbid product and of the Lacs which he proved in extenso, thereby accomplishing a great deal of useful knowledge, not without his share of persecution and abuses from the profession. But he got the reward, for his memory will be held in remembrance by many to those who aided in casting stones.
The idea for my work on Lacs came only after I understood from knowledge of psychology the inner meaning of lactation, nurturing and the emotion of new born and infants.”