Ton Jansen- The Healing Nature of Tress & Plants


A bundle of two books illustrating Plant and Tree family themes. Very helpful when differentiating between remedies.




“Solanaceae – Nightshade family
Family theme
The family theme involves tremendous fears, mostly fear of water and of the dark, for each plant in its own peculiar way. These fears cause sudden violent reactions, like rage or fever. There may be lung complaints and excessive formation of mucus. The crushed leaf of the plant has a nauseating smell. Many tics and muscle complaints can be observed. All Solanaceae suffer from aggravation by a cold easterly wind (DD Ranunculaceae). There is sensitivity to light and dark, to the struggle between servitude and egoism. Bed wetting on account of deep sleep is common.
Belong to this family:
Belladonna (Atropa belladonna, Nightshade), Capsicum annuüm (Chili Pepper), Dulcamara (Bittersweet), Fabiana imbricata (pichi pichi), Hyoscyamus niger (Black henbane), Lycopersicum (Solanum lycopersicum, Tomato plant), Mandragora officinalis (Mandrake), Physalis alkekengi (Chinese Lantern), Solanum tuberosum (Potato plant), Stramonium (Thorn Apple).