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Browse the new releases for RadarOpus.
Heiner Frei’s Polarity analysis includes the Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocketbook combined with an intuitive Analysis display that makes it easy to see contraindications based on the modalities of the patient Vs the remedy.
Go to Heiner Frei’s website for more details.
Ortega’s Miasmatic Module is another welcome addition to the Opus feature-set. It automatically reassigns the patient’s symptoms to different clipboards- each one representing a different miasmatic influence out of Hahnemann’s classic 3; Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis. This technique can help provide a context for a suitable remedy based on the predominant miasm that is driving the symptomatology. Based on the seminal work by Dr Proceso Sanchez Ortega.
Farokh Master’s invaluable contribution to understanding Materia Medica continues with this new volume of Keynotes and thematic information on the Lac Remedies.
Anne Vervacke has added more cases to her volume of Rare Remedies for Difficult Cases, which provide insights into her methodology using Sankaran’s Vital Sensation approach to case taking. These case notes can be an illuminating read when you are considering a lesser known remedy and would like to study a case where it has proved curative.