Nancy Herrick- Animal Mind Human Voices


12 Modern Provings of remedies made from the Animal kingdom.



Book extract-
“To be a prover and to do a proving properly is not only a gift of time, which is a most precious commodity these days, but a gift of one’s body and mind. It requires entering a world of the unknown where any lurking demon may leap out into one’s life at any inopportune moment. It is to put oneself at the mercy of the mystery, to surrender to the experience of a variety of mental, emotional, and physical disruptions. It is a gift of magnificent proportions to the healing art. From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank all the people who committed themselves to do these provings, most of them professionals who are or have been students of Hahnemann College of Homeopathy but some who are devoted, special friends. I do not wish to name any names of these important people because I wish to protect their privacy. They know who they are and the world is grateful. I also wish to thank this same group for spending many extra hours in the videotaping sessions and in the rubric analysis for each of the provings.
My deepest gratitude to:
– Rajan Sankaran and Divya Chhabra for their enthusiasm and invaluable suggestions concerning the structure of the proving process. Rajan and Divya’s original work in provings was such an inspiration to me that it marked the beginning of my interest in doing provings. I believe it has been the same for many homeopaths around the world. It was Rajan and Jurgen Becker, M.D. who had the original idea of the proving meeting to get the central ideas and to bring about a “catharsis,” in order to the help the provers move out of the state of the remedy.”