2009 Treasure Edition



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Synthesis was never meant to be a static book, written for all generations to come, forever the words locked onto the pages. It was never designed to be “cast in stone”, but to take on the role of a living, breathing document. It is a work in progress, continuously being updated, verified, and redefined.

Synthesis represents the fusion of the past with the present. It combines the tried and true historical findings of homeopathy with today’s influx of new findings by the Homeopaths of today (and tomorrow). Synthesis is unique in that a key fundamental philosophy is to never sacrifice quality for quantity.

Synthesis is the repertory of choice in homeopathic schools around the world.
It is used in more than 70 countries and is available in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish.

It is available both in a book version and at the heart of the homeopathy software RadarOpus. Although Synthesis as a book is quite outstanding, the real power and heart of this repertory rests in its ability to be tailored to the needs and discretion of the individual Homeopath. It is in the computerized version of Synthesis that this work meets this objective, and then exceeds it.