Vithoulkas Expert System (VES)

A powerful expert system which will scan the whole of your library giving the emphasis you specify to symptoms, degrees and rubrics. Learns as it goes and as you update your information.

In an ordinary computer program, the computer calculates, extracts and lists data on the basis of simple arithmetic formulae. E.g. in the sum of symptoms analysis module, the number of occurrences for each remedy are logged, and remedies listed in order of most frequent occurrence.

Sum of Degrees

  • Lists in first place the Rx which has scored highest on the basis of degrees in the Repertory, i.e. BOLD, italics, etc.
  • Sum of Symptoms and Degrees, calculates the two together.
  • Small Rx promotes lesser known Rx’s
  • Small Rubrics promotes remedies occurring in rubrics containing only a few Rx’s
  • Prominence promotes remedies that for example are the only black type remedy in a rubric.
  • Further sophistication may be brought to the above methods by the inclusion of underlining, to indicate the intensity of the symptom in that particular patient.

George Vithoulkas describes the process

Profound Flexibility
As a general rule, VES considers mind symptoms to be more important than local ones. But there are cases in which it may ignore such symptoms in favor of some prominent local keynotes. Many different principles and possibilities are used to decide when this particular decision is applied.

You don’t have to pre-select particular symptoms before using the Expert System. The VES takes care of this itself by using ALL the symptoms and selecting the most appropriate rubrics.

Vithoulkas Expert SystemEvery time you add a new symptom, VES re-evaluates the whole case and gives you a completely new analysis.