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RadarOpus Mini 2016

  • Search the Repertory
    Search any word in the Repertory with a single click.
    Search in all available documents or only search the open one.
    Simple repertorisation methods.
    Save & print your analysis.
    1 Symptom Clipboard.
  • RadarOpus Mini includes the following books:
  • License and dongle + Core Synthesis + Kent’s Repertory + “Mini” Opus Engine
    Clarke’s Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica
    Radar Keynotes v4 by Erik van Woensel.
  • Core Synthesis has 150 remedies that are carefully chosen so that the student isn’t overwhelmed by a bewildering choice of remedies when first starting. OpusMini has a more basic functionality in terms of searching your library compared to Opus Lite.
  • Upgrade
    You can upgrade your RadarOpus Mini to any other Opus Version, and /or add modules and books.