Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocketbook


(Peter Vint translation)- In the Therapeutic Pocket Book from Bönninghausen, many rubrics have ‘Polar rubrics’ connected to them. Polar rubrics are the rubrics opposite to the patient’s symptoms



In the Bönninghausen Polar Symptom Analysis, polar symptoms (opposite to the patient’s symptoms) are considered to increase the probability of certain remedies.

This only works when symptoms are taken from the English and German versions of the Therapeutic Pocket Book (b2, b2ge.300) as these contain polar symptoms.

When the user selects the patient’s symptoms (preferably in clipboard 1), RadarOpus automatically takes the corresponding opposite polar symptoms. The latter symptoms are displayed in a virtual clipboard, which is only visible when a polar symptom analysis is requested (in the analysis window: click on the black-white circle icon).