Modern Provings Bundle- over 200 documents…


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Access over 200 modern provings from within the Opus database so that you can search for keywords or affinities directly. This approach can supplement repertory work and highlight smaller remedies to consider.

Featuring provings by:
Louis Klein, Alastair Gray, Todd Rowe, Anne Schadde, Nuala Eising, Misha Norland & Peter Fraser, Janet Snowdon, Penny Stirling, Elisabeth Schulz, Jonathan Shore, Richard Pitt, Farokh Master, Patricia LeRoux, Mary English, Melanie Grimes, Kathy Biggs & Linda Gwillim PLUS MORE!

NOTE– if you already own RadarOpus Optimum (Pro), you will already have all these documents. This would be a major upgrade for Opus Essentials (Lite) or Opus (Core) Mini users.

Here is a video outlining how to do perform keyword searches-