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Vermeulen: Source & Substance

Source and Substance contains no fewer than 4,275 remedies – a gold-mine of information on the source, properties & characteristics of each substance!


Vermeulen: Source & Substance



Source and Substance is the go-to reference for any Homeopath wanting to investigate the source information of thousands of substances

If you find yourself spending hours scouring the internet whilst researching remedies, or looking up a particular substance that may have contributed to the patient’s present state of ill health – the never been well since– (such as a toxic environmental influence) then Source and Substance will be a great time-saver for you!

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Frans Vermeulen has once again done an incredibly rigorous job – collecting a wide variety of source information which is categorised coherently and succintly for the busy Homeopath.

  • With Source and Substance, you can
    • Easily access information on each remedy’s scientific, toxicological and medicinal properties (even for as-yet unknown remedies)
    • Find out what kind of proving was undergone and the level of clinical observsations made
    • Discover the cultural and economical background
  • Plants
    • Find out about
      • The main constituents
      • The close relatives (botanical groupings)
      • Other therapeutic applications; flower essences, herbalism, eclectic, allopathic etc.
      • & more
  • Animals
    • Read about
      • Distribution (native range and habitat)
      • Body plan (external appearance)
      • Diet and feeding
      • Behaviour
      • & more
  • Minerals
    • Discover essential info about
      • Compounds / alloys
      • Occurence
      • Chief Ores
      • Features and properties
      • Applications
      • Medicinal / toxicological
      • & more
  • Equivalent to 8,000 book pages!
    • Remedies have a Materia Medica section detailing the sources of the symptoms – when, how and by whom they were obtained.
e.g. provings, self-experimentations, clinicalallopathic, eclectic, empirical, herbal, toxicologicalnutritional, etc.
    • Remedies have a section named Cues & Clues listing special features of the substance that can assist in remedy selection and differential diagnosis.

Click here to see a free sample of Vermeulen’s Source and Substance in RadarOpus.

Source and Substance allows you to search for the characteristic language used by your patient with reference to the remedy source – i.e. the natural behaviour of the substance itself

  • It is also invaluable for checking the pharmacological and toxicological properties of substances that may be indicated as the ‘never-been-well-since‘ influence in a case.
    • Below are 2 examples of the practical application of Source and Substance in Homeopathic case analysis:
    • Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 12.52.54
    • Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 13.12.45

Contains extra material in the form of 228 summaries or original reports of hard to find provings, self-experimentations and poisonings

  • Remedies are divided in 11 Categories:
    • Animals
    • Minerals
    • Plants
    • Fungi
    • Nosodes
    • Sarcodes
    • Imponderables
    • Chemicals
    • Biochemicals
    • Organic compounds
    • Pharmaceuticals

Remedies also have a Close Relatives section that includes all other members of the category most closely related, enabling differential diagnosis of related members of a botanicalor zoological family.

  • Categories are subdivided in Kind, Drug class, or Chemical class
    • E.G:
      • Kind of plantfern, herb, tree, liana, vine, moss 

      • Kind of animal; mammal, fish, bird, reptile, insect, spider

      • Kind of fungus; mushroom, polypore, mould, yeast, lichen
      • Kind of mineral; metal, metalloid, salt, gemstone, spring water
      • Examples of Drug class: Alpha blocker. Analgesic. Anticholinergic. Antihistaminicum
      • Examples of Chemical class: Alcohol. Amine. Carboxylic acid. Hydrocarbon

This work provides the Homeopathic community with a very accurate template for our remedies based on the latest scientific research!