Grant Bentley Bundle – Homeopathic Facial Analysis, Soul and Survival, Appearance & Circumstance, Graphic Map & Repertory

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Homeopathic Facial Analysis provides a diagnostic tool supported by a thoroughly researched Miasm theory.




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“Every person has a survival instinct based on millions of years of collective learning. Everyone alive today is a legacy of those who survived before, and we carry inside us all the strategies nature can provide for longevity and effective competition. When times become hard, fo r whatever reason, we revert to this instinct because it is how we have survived the tough times of the past. The survival instinct’s sole purpose is to keep us alive and help us compete for resources within a group setting. For someone living in modern western society, the threat is no longer famine – it is now all those things that we call ‘stress’ that trigger our survival instinct. By understanding our own survival instinct we can become better and more confident people as we learn to harness our skills. We will interact more effectively and understand the motivation behind our desires. Most of all, we can use this knowledge to truly appreciate ourselves and those around us.
During the experiment, you came to realise that just as in the natural world organisms survive by finding the niche that they are best fitted to, so too human beings survive in social groups by finding the niche that best suits them. It is these niches that we return to when we feel stressed or threatened. These niches are where our strengths become apparent to us and to others, and where we are able to do our best. They are the arena where we can best compete with others, they are our ‘not so level’ playing field where we have a better chance of winning.
This book tells you how to identify your own strengths as well as the strengths i n others. It will identify and clarify which instincts against expulsion are still residing within your unconsciou s mind, why you have certain triggers that ‘set you off ’ and why certain themes keep recurring in your life.
Perhaps you have someone you love but you find it difficult to communicate with them. It seems that each time you approach a subject everything explodes into tears or defensive anger. These things happen because you each have different forces and different memories stored in your unconscious, and unless you understand this, communication will always remain difficult. In relationships stress is frequent, and by the end of this book you will know why. The greater the difference between your unconscious memory – that is your survival instinct – and that of your spouse or partner, the more stressed you become and the more distant you grow. Soon you will know why this is so and how to manage it appropriately.
By the end of this book you will know what your natural survival instinct is, what drives it, and why. You will understand how others see you, and what you need to do in order to communicate effectively. You will understand what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes.”