Degroote Energetic Remedy Picture Bundle


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New graphic module!

Filip Degroote has a lifetime’s experience investigating and confirming energetic pictures of remedies. This module brings you the detailed energetic picture of more than 1,300 remedies!!

A wonderful addition to the toolbox of practitioners who combine kinesiology, acupuncture, chiropractic or other bodywork therapies alongside Homeopathy. Or for anyone who uses physical examination during the interview process.

Comes with the following items-
Muscles, Nerves and Vertebrae Repertory (this powers the graphic module and is essential for it’s functioning).
Materia Medica-
Physical Examination and Observation in Homeopathy – 2014
The Physical and Energetic Examination of the Homeopathic Patient
+ The Graphic Module itself!

You will need to update to 2.2 to purchase this module.

More info HERE.