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Positive News Stories about Homoeopathy

FaceBook page where you can share your story and read about others who have benefitted from Homeopathy

George Vithoulkas Stefano Carlino Article Unified Theory of Disease of Disease Feb 2010 published on Medical Science Monitor website

2009 German Study about the use of Homeopathy in Children

Harald Walach Research Professor in Psychology, University of Northampton – very interesting & well referenced article

Arnica study in post-operative bunion removal

Veterinary Survey 2007 (R. Mathie et al)

ENHR Research

Official Homeopathy Resource

Treatment Comments from Patients (started 28th March 2007):

Anxiety and Depression


Allergies & HayFever


Downs Syndrome

Eczema & Skin

General feeling of unwellness (no medical diagnosis)


Hot Flushes (menopause)

Adverse Vaccination Reaction (MMR)

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