RadarOpus UK

Just a short email to thank you for facilitating Saturday’s tutorial. The day was very informative and Kim gave us a lot of useful information about utilising the programme beyond the basic outline; it was a very worthwhile day and I’m really pleased I came along. I’ve been using ISIS vision previously and that seems very restricted compared to what RadarOpus will be able to offer, and gives very flat repertory analyses (and normally results only in offering the polycrests). Helen Slater
I started to using my Radar Opus. It is wonderful.thanks so much. FN, April 2013
I have now had the time to install OPUS and look at it in more detail. I like it VERY much. It’s a real step forward. Ralf Jeutter, March 2013
RadarOpus: The more I explore this programme the more I realise what a great tool it is and how much work and vision has gone into it. Congratulations to you all. Jan, January 2013
RadarOpus: I love this program. I am not very good with computers but the program is very user friendly. I like that everything is in one place and really just that I can use it. This might sound strange to you as you are so good with computers. But I am not and still I am able to use the program. I can repertorise, save, put it in patient chart, get Vithoulkas help, do searches and I was even able to work it out myself. AW, London October 2012
RadarOpus: RadarOpus is wonderful. As to me, I can use better and easier it than the MacRepertory. I am very happy with this program. YK, Japan, October 2012
RadarOpus: My boyfriend is jealous he says I love RadarOpus more than him, it’s wonderful. CHE, student, London October 2012.
I watched the little video in the invitation for the workshop (on RadarOpus) you sent out and it’s really good and very helpful, and I’m beginning to get to grips with the programand am enjoying it very much. All the best, Marita