V2.0 Update

RadarOpus Version 2 Released.

News- Phil has recently stepped down from running Kent’s Road Books and handed over to Luke who has been learning the ropes over the last year. Whilst there will be some changes afoot, Luke will be aiming for as seamless a transition as possible and would like to thank Phil for his longstanding dedication and enthusiasm for the RadarOpus project.

This Live update includes:

  • Clificol– Share anonymised case data with other Homeopaths and create your own research projects with colleagues.

  • New provings bundle- including:

  • Tuminello– Twelve Jewels.

  • New books including-

  • Farokh Master– Lacs in Homeopathy.

  • Jeremy Sherr

  • Latest free update to Q Repertory.

  • Optimised for Windows 10 and Mac OSx Sierra.

  • Ability to copy and paste the Analysis window plus improvements to copy & paste from Materia Medica.

  • Improved compatibility with retina displays + bug fixes.

  • Upgrades from Radar 10 to RadarOpus. The new release has finally brought back editing tools plus Ortega and Giampetro Miasmatic tools. Now is the perfect time to make the switch to Opus!

  • Upgrades from your current package to Lite, Medium or Pro

  • Note, with this new release, Zeus Soft are introducing different ‘Engines’ which define the level of tools available for use. Check this website to see which features you will have. For example, if you bought RadarOpus Lite from us, this equates to the Easy engine. The only major difference you might find is that you can only have 3 clipboards with this release. If you want to be able to make repertory additions, you will need the Medium engine. There will be the option to upgrade your engine without adding the book bundle.

Lots of new training videos on offer too!

Vithoulkas Expert System in RadarOpus + More!

Looking at the excellent contributions of Roger Morrison and George Vithoulkas. The former’s Desktop companion to physical pathology and the latter’s Expert system are two inspiring and practical modules that can help you improve your repertory and analysis skills.

Saving cases, patients and learning shortcuts in RadarOpus. How to change settings to suit your workflow. Learn some good shortcuts, and save your patient data with consultation notes and analysis all in the same location.

How to do Remedy Extractions in RadarOpus.

Speed up your productivity with these tips for racing your way around the program. Plus – learn how to copy and paste from Repertories and References for creating your own presentations or Materia Medica portraits.

Frederik Schroyens demonstrating how to make a miasmatic analysis following Ortega with RadarOpus 2.0

RadarOpus 2.0 offers you the possibility to protect your patient information with a login and password. In two steps you can create an account which will also give you access to the RadarOpus Cloud technology. You can export your anonymous case data and also download other Homeopath’s cases from the cloud.