Vermeulen Synoptic Reference


“The word “synoptic”refers to a general summary or comprehensive overview. That is exactly what I intend with my Synoptic Reference. There is such a wealth of information in the homeopathic materia medica that a concise but thorough, structured but adaptable summation is needed to assist the overawed student in studying and the busy practitioner in retaining the essentials.”



Book extract-
“At the philosophical core of these ideas is the obvious statement that nature is full of phenomena, as described by chemistry, metallurgy, botany, physics and biology. There are plenty of additional ways besides these sources in which all parts of nature are expressed and interact with man. Living proofs of these are fairy tales, legends, myths, traditional medicinal uses, economic avail, industrial applications and other relationships between men and animals, plants or minerals. In fact, rather than a proving being just a fragment of life, it appears that all of life is a giant, on-going proving.
This being the case, any aspect of life, in theory, could provide useful information to understand remedies. That this is more than theory, all one has to do is observe, study, read, compare and be alert to the cornucopia of life all around us. In Synoptic Reference this course has been pursued.
Insight into substances used in homeopathy can be gained practically anywhere. Ammonium carbonate has a negative relationship with moisture and water, as everyone knows who has used baker’s ammonia for its ability to produce drier, crisper cookies. Try giving a cat a new brand of food and you’ll find out what “fussy about food” means. One of my cats was kind enough to demonstrate how “desire for paper” is put into practice, repeatedly eating my morning paper, luckily after I was finished reading. Swan mentions this urge in Lac felinum. The picture painted in this remedy so clearly depicts the conduct and behaviour of a cat that a proving seemingly becomes superfluous.”