Liz Lalor – Homeopathy and Psychiatry- book only


Liz Lalor’s illuminating book based on the delusional level of the patient.



Homoeopathic psychiatry is the psychoanalytical study of the meaning and application of the Delusion rubric in homoeopathic case-taking and case analysis.
A delusion is an illusion which misrepresents the truth. Psychology is the science that deals with emotional and mental processes and behaviors. A psychological delusion is a perception or opinion which is exaggerated or disproportionate to reality. In psychiatry , a ‘delusion of grandeur’ is viewed as a symptom of mental illness and is applied to the patient who is displaying hallucinatory exaggeration of their personality or status. For example: he suffers from the delusion he is a great singer. In psychiatry, the patient’s psychological delusion is treated because it indicates an abnormality or illness in the affected person’s thought processes. In both modalities – psychiatry and homoeopathy – the psychological delusion exists, and is diagnosed (in the case analysis) because the patient needs to avoid reality