Jan Scholten- Homeopathy and the Elements

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Groundbreaking work on the themes of the Periodic Table and the remedies contained therein




Book extract-

“This book is about the elements in the periodic system and how we can use them in homoeopathy. So far we are only using a fraction of these elements and the aim of this book is to explain how we could apply the remainder of these elements. It is the story of the opening of a whole new world, the world of the periodic system, which had always brought up lots of questions in my mind: why were there so few remedies that we really knew well, remedies like Aurum or Argentum nitricum for instance? What about Hafnium or Krypton or any of the others? They were like white patches on a map of the known world. Several of the ideas in this book need to be developed further. We need provings of many of the remedies to confirm and extend the pictures that we deduced through group analysis. We also need cured cases to confirm our pictures and to make them come alive, to ‘colour them in’ so to speak. But most of the ideas had reached a stage of development where I felt justified to publish them. Many of the ideas have been tried and tested in the cases that I treated, together with my colleagues in the Homeopathisch Artsencentrum Utrecht. The reader is invited to start using them and I welcome further suggestions, comments and feedback.”