Why Upgrade

Upgrade your Radar 8, 9 or 10 to RadarOpus

Special discounts available for upgrades – see Packages for pricing  

Advantages of Upgrading

Computer software is constantly replaced by newer versions –  old versions eventually become redundant, they are no longer compatible with other software or hardware, the manufacturers no longer provide support or updates. Updating / upgrading will take care of security issues and you will be able to enjoy the latest technology.

Work with just one single interface instead of 2 or even 3

Opus has more books, journals, materia medicae etc than what is available in older versions.

A lost or damaged dongle for an older Radar version cannot be or replaced (only connectors for Radar 10.5 or Opus) due to obsolete technology.

Compatible with recent Operating Systems

The development of Radar was stopped in July 2010 (last version 10.5.003), for EH in December 2009 (version 2.5) and for WinCHIP November 2011 (3.1.04). Each software guaranteed compatibility with Windows OS Windows 7 (released October 2009).
As our development has stopped, compatibility with more recent OS cannot be guaranteed. When Windows 8 was released in October 2012, it appeared that Radar was still running; the same happened when Windows 8.1 was released. It is more and more unlikely that our old software will remain compatible with newer OS.

RadarOpus is compatible with:radar-opus-mac-winsm

Windows 7 (32, 64 bit)

Windows 8 (32, 64 bit)

Windows 8.1 (32, 64 bit)


Mountain Lion


Yosemite (as of version 1.40)

El Capitan

Integration with hand held devicescoverfleyrapp-en

The Synthesis App (available on SmartPhone, iPhone, Tablet or iPad) can mail a repertory analysis to RadarOpus (version 1.40 or later), where this analysis can be edited and/or saved in your regular Patient file.
Available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Find out more details about the Synthesis App.

Native Mac and PC
RadarOpus has been developed with cross-platform tools. This means that no emulation is needed to run RadarOpus on a Mac, as the code is native Mac.

More (free) books
New repertories, Materia Medicas, provings, etc.  are only added to RadarOpus, the new program.

Powerful LiveUpdate flexibility
Whenever an update is released, the RadarOpus user is prompted to install the next LiveUpdate when he/she is online while opening the program. A LiveUpdate can install any of the following: new program implementations, bug fixes, new data or correction of data.
Whereas Radar only allowed LiveUpdates of the Repertory program, the RadarOpus LiveUpdate offers many more possibilities to keep you up to date, such as:

  • Correcting repertory content, such as symptoms and remedies
  • Correcting Materia Medica content anywhere needed
  • Adding or correcting translations
  • Adding new remedies to your remedy catalog
  • Expanding and correcting families (groups of remedies)

Integrated links to databases

      A single click access offers extra remedy information in the following databases:


  • PassPort (Vermeulen F.), the most extensive homeopathically tailored substance information database
  • Provings. com database (Sherr, Schroyens, Vermeulen)
  • Provings.info database (Wichmann)
  • GRIN Taxonomy for Plants database
  • NCBI Taxonomy browser
  • HAHTI Digital Trust Libray
  • Vithoulkas Books online

Special discounts are available for upgrades – see Packages for pricing