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Endorsements for Radar and RadarOpus

I started to using my radar opus.It is wonderful.thanks so much. FN April 2013
I have now had the time to install OPUS and look at it in more detail. I like it VERY much. It's a real step forward. Ralf Jeutter March 2013
RadarOpus: The more I explore this programme the more I realise what a great tool it is and how much work and vision has gone into it. Congratulations to you all. January 2013 Jan

RadarOpus: I love this program. I am not very good with computers but the program is very user friendly. I like that everything is in one place and really just that I can use it. Thismight sound strange to you as you are so good with computers. But I am not and still I am able to use the program. I can repertorise, save, put it in patient chart, get Vithoulkas help, do searches and I was even able to work it out myself. AW London October 2012

RadarOpus: RadarOpus is wonderful. As to me, I can use better and easier it than the MacRepertory. I am very happy with this program. YK Japan October 2012

RadarOpus: My boyfriend is jealous he says I love RadarOpus more than him, it's wonderful. CHE student London October 2012.

I watched the little video in the invitation for the workshop (on RadarOpus) you sent out and it's really good and very helpful, and I'm beginning to get to grips with the program
and am enjoying it very much. All the best Marita

Just a short email to thank you for facilitating Saturday's tutorial. The day was very informative and Kim gave us a lot of useful information about utilising the programme beyond the basic outline; it was a very worthwhile day and I'm really pleased I came along. I've been using ISIS vision previously and that seems very restricted compared to what RadarOpus will be able to offer, and gives very flat repertory analyses (and normally results only in offering the polycrests) Helen Slater

Hi Phil I just wanted say a big thank you for your help with RADAR (10). It is very good, and I've now done the tables as you suggested for the report. They look great. Thanks again and best wishes, Jenny Poole Romsey Hants

"Although I wouldn't be without my hard copies of 'Synthesis' and my favourite materia medicas, I find the Radar programme + Encyclopaedia Homeopathica invaluable. On a day-to-day basis the rapid and reliable repertorisation possible with Radar enables me to keep on top of the work load of case analysis that comes with a busy practice. When writing the 'Mat. Med. Cards' the Encyclopaedia Homeopathica reduced my research time by weeks by providing a wealth of information at the click of a mouse."

" I have just received the new Radar 9 and it is fantastic. I must congratulate you on producing a wonderful program with so many exciting features and a fresh new look. But the best thing is the new repertories. I recently heard Fredrick's lecture on the new Synthesis 9 and was very impressed. Jeremy Sherr FSHom
RADAR 10 is great - There is so much I'm not using. But I find the EH excellent, I am getting remedies by searching for key words the patients use. Ian Hamiliton

"Radar 9....... just a little enthusiastic feed back on the new program - it is great!!!!! I am slowly making my way thorugh all the changes and new features and I am very impressed! Peter Irl in Germany has given me a few tips. It is wonderful to teach from the program now, so flexible - so well done and a huge thank you to all who made it happen! "
Dr. Gabriela Rieberer

TECH Support:
"Just to let you know.... that this morning I received a mail form support giving me pages of 2 downloads for the hasp driver (I had only done the one) and... >IT WORKS!!!!!! >I can't thank them enough and you! I was only yesterday at the seminar promiting your products but more importantly your services to a prospective buyer still shopping around... I also wanted to congratulate you for your daughter's graduation; you must be very proud. Have a wonderful summer."

"The new export function from Radar to EH has already given me some leads on two stuck cases, excellent! "

Christian Taylor RSHom

"Radar 9: Its like a totally new program! Carole Sanders RSHom talking about the new brilliant Families functionality in Radar 9 & EH 2.1"

"I find the program a joy to work with. It is easy to use - even by someone as computer illiterate as myself. I cannot imagine practising without it."
Mike Andrews DSH, RSHom

"Radar is a versatile and reliable program. It's powerful search has helped to solve some very difficult cases."
Roberto Bianchini RSHom

"As a computer virgin a program that appears on the page just like a book, and could be used in the same way appealed to me ( and I didn't need computerspeke to use it). Radar is like having the books but faster and without the boring bits."
Fiona Dry MB.BS.

"Repertorisation is much easier with quicker alternatives for finding rubrics and more direct search facilities. The instruction manual is also more user friendly. I took the program to Sarajevo and students were able to repertorise their cases within a few minutes, with a little guidance."
Marion Howie RSHom

"Radar is my stimulus, my relaxation, my teacher, my joy - and as a powerful, wise tool in helping me earn my living."
Jemima Kallas, ex SOH Newsletter Editior

"For cases with lots of useful information, RADAR is indispensable as a 'symptom cruncher'. The programme is also a versatile 'homoeopathic assistant' in many situations."
Brian Kaplan HPTG Teacher

"RADAR - It's great - I don't know how I managed before...."
Ursula Somers RSHom

"Radar: rapid excellent help..."
David Taylor Reilly (Homoeopathic Consultant Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital)

"...the Vithoulkas Expert System represents the greatest contribution that I have made to Homeopathy. Over the last five years most of my cases have been decided upon after using successive computerized versions of Synthesis."
George Vithoulkas, Director of Academy of Classical Homoeopathy, Alonissos, Greece

"Without doubt Synthesis and RADAR have been instrumental in being able to run full time private and NHS practices successfully have yet to find a better PRACTITIONERS programme and as for the VES (Vithoulkas Expert System) analysis programme words fail to describe the instruction, learning, precision and results it leads you to."
Andrew Ward RSHom