Vet Repertory & Concepts




The Veterinary Chapter in the Repertory Synthesis 9.1V

Synthesis 9.1V is a great second edition of the Veterinary Synthesis (the update of 8.1V).
Synthesis 9.1V is based on the standard Synthesis 9.1 and includes all the latest information and the restructuring of the symptoms (including all changes and improvements from Synthesis 9.0 to 9.1).

The ‘IAVH’ International Association of Veterinary Homeopaths

Quality control and setting of rules by the ‘IAVH Filtering Committee’, consisting of Marc Bär, Liesbeth Ellinger, Bernhard Hornig and Peter Knafl. General coordination by Marc Bär and Bernhard Hornig, in close collaboration with the Synthesis team of Frederik Schroyens

Specific additions per animal

All veterinary additions now indicate exactly which animal or category of animals is concerned. Specific veterinary information is already available for e.g. cats, dogs, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys and horses.