Morrison- Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms


Invaluable guide to clinically verified Keynotes.





This nosode, along with Carcinosin, is perhaps the most under-represented polycrest in the repertory. We will almost never come to prescribe this remedy on the basis of repertorization. Therefore we must have a high index of suspicion when we take the case to find this remedy when it is indicated. Although many cases will not have any hint of the typical mental symptoms of Medorrhinum, it is often the personality of the patient which leads to the prescription of this remedy.
Extremes. The Medorrhinum patient can be described as an extremist. In his physical pathologies, in his mental state, in almost all aspects of his life the patient bounces between extremes: his grades are either “A’s” or “F’s”; his work is brilliant at one moment and then inept; his relationships are full of passionate love or hate. He is erratic and seems to have a compulsive need to experience more passion until he is driven to extremes of sexual conduct, drug or alcohol use, physical violence, etc.”