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Kents Road Books is a company I set up in 1994 specifically to handle the Radar business. I had previously become a Radar user in 1992, and agreed to be a demonstrator, to get a break on the price! From when I first saw Radar and Synthesis it occurred to me that it was a project that encouraged participation, and was something I felt I wanted to get involved with, though did not envisage then that I would become the UK dealer.

I still find time to practice, in Haywards Heath where I live, and in Horsham where I share a clinic with several other practitioners.

RadarOpus - Software for Homeopaths

My initial Homoeopathic training was with Misha Norland in Devon from 1985-1988, and I have practised since then. I registered with the Society of Homoeopaths in 1992, and more recently have followed the work of George Vithoulkas, visiting his International Open Teaching Week for 9 of the last 10 years.

We are now greatly assisted by regional co-ordinators around the UK who are able to offer local training and demonstrations.

We give a percentage of our net pre tax profit on Kents Road Books to charity, having been inspired to do so by Rob Barker at the Homoeopathic Supply Company.

We now run charitable donations through a Charities Aid Foundation Account (www.CAFonline.org), enabling us to donate regularly into the CAF account, but give to whichever charity we want to help at the time.

The last 10 years or so I would truly say I have learned the joy of giving. The idea of money being a just another form of energy, that needs to flow from, in order to flow back, is one I can say I have definitely experienced. If you do not have this experience, I recommend it – very healthy!

Phil Edmonds RSHom.

New Street Clinic
20 New Street
RH13 5DU

Luke Norland, 3rd year student at The School of Homeopathy.

Homeopathy has always helped me to understand more about people; what makes us tick, how our psyche is formed of many complex characteristics & how we are bound together through repeating archetypal patterns.

I have grown up with Homeopathy all around me, sharing my home with the many students who attended the School of Homeopathy, ran by my father Misha. Without realising it at the time, I soaked up the philosophy set out by Hahnemann and carried on over the last two centuries by the profession. Homeopathy isn’t an alternative therapy for me, it has always been the norm and I find the conventional medical approach rather baffling. I set out to train as a Homeopath once I realised that I was looking for a practice that would engage both mind and body, and would have far-reaching potential to help others heal. Having had 6 years experience as a massage therapist, I wanted to broaden my focus to include treating the whole person, not just through the physical body but also through the levels of emotion, delusion, and sensation.

Homeopathy is possibly the most individualised form of care, focusing on the uniqueness of the person from an unprejudiced perspective, seeking a remedy that will precipitate a change at a deep level of perception. I.E. a person’s situation cannot be changed by any medicine, but his perception of and responses to suffering can be modified, allowing stuck behaviour to become free once again.  The path to wellbeing cannot be the same for every individual. We can diagnose pathology as having common symptoms, but the best we can do by treating them is to palliate. The Holistic approach defines illness as involving the entire person; his thoughts, metabolism, hormones, digestion, sleep pattern, nerves, immunity and susceptibility will all be factors in how he gets sick, and therefore how health will be restored.